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You know the high quality and expertise you have come to expect from Computer Magic Training. We have applied the same high standards to our new line of Soft Skills Training Courses from Business Magic Training. You would expect nothing less.

Fantastic facilitators, experts in their field for many years ... wonderful communicators, capable of effecting positive and long-lasting behavioral change for you and your employees.

Business Writing, Technical Writing, Email Etiquette, Effective Presentations, Collaboration, Performance Management, Conflict Management, Communication, Performance Evaluation and Feedback, Writing Reviews, Managing Teams, Leadership, Influencing and Selling, Managing Client Relationships, Managing Change, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Delegation, Leaders and Manager Skills, Interviewing Skills, Dynamic Training, Train-the-Trainer, Webinar Training, Global Training, Technical Training, Meeting Management, Time Management, Myers-Briggs Evaluation, Employee Wellness, Nutrition and Sleep for Peak Performance, High Performance Coaching.

We will customize your classes to meet the needs of YOUR organization — half day, full day, combinations of topics, blended and targeted to effect the changes that will make a difference to your bottom line. SeriousThe Wizard Return-on-Investment (ROI). We also offer standard classes in our public enrollment venues so you can preview a class to see if it's right for your organization. Or send just 1 or 2 employees to a class when you don't have a larger group or budget to host a group class at your site. After Class Support for your participants.

To ensure success in today's challenging economic environment, you need to enhance your capabilities and productivity, and those of your team, your employees. You need … Training that Works … Like MAGIC! You would expect nothing less.